"It Chapter Two" is officially out in theaters.

Of course, I saw it opening day.  Then, I saw it a second time (because sure, I had other friends who wanted to go).  And my sentiments held true after a second viewing:  Bill Hader was the absolute best part of "It Chapter Two".

Bill Hader, the comedian.  The cop from "Superbad".  The "Saturday Night Live" cast member.  That Bill Hader.

Among an amazing and strong cast with the likes of Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, Hader proved to be the strongest player in "It Chapter Two".  As a grown up version of the character Richie Tozier, Hader does everything from make you laugh to cry.  I've never seen him act in ways that he did in this movie, and he showed the skill of a dramatic actor, but still held on to his comedic ways.  He encompassed everything you would imagine a grown-up Richie would be, and gave the character more than life itself.  His one-liners were beyond hysterical, and the movie was worth seeing a second time just for them.  Seriously, I'd go yet again just for his sarcasm throughout the entire movie.  Lastly, he made you feel the internal struggle that Richie Tozier dealt with, as if it were someone you cared for in your own life.

Going into "It Chapter Two" I was expecting to be all about Pennywise.  Instead, I left with a new respect for Bill Hader.

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