“It’s just something I was doing to try and stay sane while I’m parenting my children…” well said sir, kids are just small crazy people who are constantly trying to drag you down to their level of crazy.

Greg Pembroke is the creator of the recent internet sensation tumblr page “Reasons My Son Is Crying”. The tumblr page features pictures of Greg’s children Charlie and William crying for ludicrous reasons. For each picture posted Greg list the silly reason why his son is crying.

After a few weeks of posting pictures for fun, the tumblr page blew up attracting attention from all over. Hundreds of national web sites were featuring Greg’s loony crying kids and he even attracted the likes of Good Morning America.

Greg and I have been friends for a few years so I immediately reached out to him to find out what all the hoopla was about. I caught Greg and his family right after they had just finished doing the Good Morning America Show inNew York City. He let me in on how surreal this whole experience still felt and even helped me deliver a very important message to parents everywhere.

"I started posting pictures a couple weeks ago of my kids crying … because they’re always melting down for crazy reasons."

"I created a tumblr and a couple people started sharing, and sharing it and sharing it and it shared so fast facebook banned."

"Let me just say that I am not a crazy person"

"We had a million people come to the blog yesterday… it’s crazy!"

"… there is no cash, I would love to get seventeen dollars for the Spiderman toy I just bought…"

"I hope their not famous… I’m not trying to do anything to get any money it’s just something fun that I was doing with my friends."

"It’s just something I was doing to try and stay sane while I’m parenting my children."       -Greg Pembroke


The Pembroke family on Good Morning America

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