I saw a post on Facebook from a photographer friend of mine. The post was call 41 reasons why you shouldn't date a photographer. Being a photographer and an all-around awesome guy, I wanted to see why I would be considered undateable. So I clicked.

It's easy to tell that the author of this list intended this to be a joke with little underlining truth behind it. Thats what makes this article so much fun. So I decided I was going to pick the reasons that might have a little truth behind them and give some insight for it. If I wasn't busy editing photos, I would counter all 41 reasons.

1. They’re weird

Photographers are artists. And that should be self explanatory. You might find yourself at a restaurant table with a photographer who is looking deep into your eyes. Well, don’t be fooled. He’s probably thinking about your best angle


We can be a little weird but that's because we see the world a little differently. In a split-second we can see both the beauty and the harsh truth in the world around us and we find it very interesting. Why this is good? Someone with that kind of awareness tends to pay attention to the little things.

4. They’re hoarders

Photographers collect piles of news papers, magazine, and generally anything they find inspiring, even for a short term.

While this might be true, most things now are digital and there is no need for "physical samples." But our gear is another story. Why is this good? We know when we have something good and we don't want to let it go.

6. Your vacation luggage will look like you’re moving

That’s because no photographer who respects himself will go on vacations without at least 50lbs of gear.


Like a good cop, photographers are never off duty. Most of us have our "travel rigs" a lighter version of what we use back home. Why is this good? This shows our level of detection. If we can't dedicate ourselves to our craft how can we dedicate ourselves to you.

10. Envy takes a new form

Among men, there is the well-known term penis envy. Among photographers, it’s a whole different thing. It’s called camera envy.

Can't argue with this. I often find myself checking out other people's rigs asking myself "Why haven't I taken out another line of credit to buy myself that piece of equipment." Why is this good? Just means that we are goal-oriented, always looking to improve ourselves.

16. Their communications is awkward at the least

They might not return your phone calls or Facebook messages, but you can be sure that if you check their Instagram account, it will be active on a daily basis.


HA I thought this was just me. Why is this good? Look at the alternative: would you rather date a clinger?

18. They spend most of their time in front of a computer

It’s not for Facebook or porn, but they can spend days in a row editing their pictures.

This is 100 percent true. Why is this good? Because this is how we make our living. If not for this we wouldn't be able to take you out to dinner or on a nice vacation.

25. They don’t run away from natural disasters

If you live in a hurricane active area and are dating a photographer…good luck! Instead of running away, your love one will probably wait around for the action to happen, just to get some dramatic shots in that rare light.


Yep, Why is this good? If you're married, two words "life insurance."

27. They are hazardous to themselves

If any accidents happen or if there is a hazardous situation, a photographer will protect his gear before anything else. That means that you or they are secondary priorities.

Sorry but this is true. Why is this good? Because we know how to prioritize. Don't worry, you're a close second.

29. They find beauty in the weirdest places

That includes dirty alleys, places with a lot of poverty or just about any other location normal people would stay away from.

Yup, We already covered this. Please see reason No. 1.

35. They don’t like your emo and artsy friends

That’s because unless it’s someone more famous than them, they’re not really worth spending time with.


Of course not, no one does. Why is this good? We have plenty of new friends for you to meet, like our artsy photographer friends.

38. You’ll turn into a model, whether you like it or not.

It might seem like fun in the beginning, but don’t be fooled. Whenever you’re out for a walk and the light will seem interesting for your date, you’ll have to pose for at least one portrait. And no, the clothes you’ll be wearing won’t matter.

If we see something worth shooting then we will shoot it, even you. Why is this good? One way or another, you caught our eye. If we're shooting you then you must be interesting.
Clearly photographers are the most sensible people you could ever date. If you not dating one now, go out and find one and you won't be disappointed. Anything from the original 41 reasons that didn't make this list is just not true or too silly to mention.