Right now the NFL is operating "business as usual" but they aren't fooling any of us.  It doesn't seem like any progress is being made to get the 2011 season off an running.

Right now I have enough sports to distract me from the drama that is the NFL lockout.  The whole thing seems like it should be over with already but greed on both sides is holding everything up.  In an effort to make it look like everything is all fine and dandy, they released the 2011 season schedule for all teams, but those games could just simply not happen.  Now they have adjourned and won't resume labor talks until May 16.  That's almost a month away!  Do these guys realize that if they don't get things cleared up soon the fans are going to fire back.

People don't like when money gets in the way of what they want and right now that seems what it's all about.  They can say all they want about how it's about the regular people, but really it comes down to the players wanting more money from the owners.  The owners of course don't want to give it to them since the players already make a good amount.  I guess Tom Brady needs a piece of some of the profits made off of beer, food and posters.  How can someone who makes millions of dollars demand more money when there are real people out there suffering everyday from hunger?

I say shame on them.  Shame on them all. The players, the owners, the NFL Commissioner and everyone else involved.  We need a solution to this and quick.  As an NFL fan I already feel cheated.  Usually this time of the year I can report on a big signing or trade, but none of that is happening.  The NFL would like us to think that the season starts with mini camps over the summer but the Spring is where a lot of teams start rethinking and building for next year.

So now we have to wait to resume these government mediated talks in May.  The NFL needs to do something because if this season doesn't happen all the momentum that they have built as the most popular sport in America will drop off.  I know for a fact that people have already gone back to baseball.  The NHL playoffs are getting huge views, so right now football is just hurting itself.  Something I think they should think long and hard about.