Like rock? Jeff Beck? Hearing the stories behind the music? The Q wants to hook with a copy of the new Jeff Beck documentary 'Still on the Run: The Jeff Beck Story' ...

I know I've probably mentioned this before but it's really hard for me to not get into a rock doc. In fact I watched two this weekend alone one of which I am watching as I write this article. I am just so beyond fascinated with the stories behind the music and the musicians in real life. It may have a little something to do with the fact that I love music so much but lack that something that allows me to actually create the music.

If you have that same fascination and/or are a fan of legendary British guitarist Jeff Beck there is a new documentary out on DVD and Blu-Ray called 'Still on the Run: The Jeff Beck Story' that chronicles his 50-plus-year career and features interviews from musical legends such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry, David Gilmour, and more!

If you want to give it a watch you can totally purchase yourself a copy now however if you are a member of the Q103 WORKFORCE right now you can sign up to win a copy from the Q! If you are not a member of the Q103 WORKFORCE yet you can sign up to become one now and not only get in on the winning but enjoy all of the additional perks that come along with being a member!

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