Nobody won Powerball or the Mega Millions jackpots over the weekend. So, that means a few more days to dream about what you'd do with more money than you could imagine if you won.

Currently, Powerball is at $750 million and Mega Millions is sitting right at $850 million. The Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday, Jan 19th, and Powerball is Wednesday Jam 20th.

Now if you win either jackpot and probably not both....let's not get greedy, you're probably going to be looking at an after taxes check of around $350-$400 million. You're also going to probably want to buy a new house. Can I suggest the most expensive house on the market in New York? It's an amazing $100 million 24,000 sqft house on 740 acres. It's an amazing horse farm that is known for producing championship thoroughbred horses. The house has eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

Ready to make an offer? Here's the listing on Zillow.

$100 Million Dollar New York Mansion

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