WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman stop by Q103 headquarters and tell stories about "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Every week I hit the road and show you a closer look of the world I live in, the world of professional wrestling. This week the wrestlers came to me as I get the distinct honor to sit down with CM Punk and ECW legend Paul Heyman. See some wrestling and learn about the struggles CM Punk and Heyman faced trying to get the rest of the world see how talented Punk really was.

“I would not be where I’m at today with out Paul Heyman” – CM Punk

 “I couldn’t understand why he (CM Punk) wasn’t the main event of wrestle mania from day one” – Heyman

 “My entire career I’ve been proving people wrong” – CM Punk

 “Before I could introduce my self he reached out his hand and said hi I’m randy savage.” – CM Punk


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