When the WWE comes to town I suddenly become knee deep in the stars that you see on TV every week. Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. Langston called into the program to talk with me about the upcoming WWE Live Event in Glens Falls. Big E tells me about his athletic background, who he idolized as a kid and why he never thought the WWE was the path he would take.

“I came down the ramp… and attacked Cena and left him laying…”

“Any time your debut is attacking the face of our business, of our company it’s obviously a huge moment…”

“a very bad way to start your career is tripping down the ramp…”

“…I was a power lifting national champion…”

“…Cena’s trainer had an eye on me…”

“I feel like there’s a certain responsibility especially with the allure and prestige of the Intercontinental Championship…”

“I was a big farooq fan as a kid. I was a Ron Simmons fan…”    -Big E. Langston (WWE Superstar)