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Just a few days away from Wrestlemania I talk with one half of the WWE tag team champions Kane. The big red monster shares some stories about legendary WWE manager Paul Bearer and how he made his life easier throughout the years. Kane is such a unique situation in the professional wrestling world. Not a lot of guys make the long term stretch like he has. Kane has been around in this circus we call pro wrestling for nearly 22 years and has a lot to share with us. It was great to talk with the man in the red mask and learn about how he first got into wrestling and how he feels about the character “Kane” from Wrestlemania 14 to what he is doing with his tag team partner Daniel Bryan today.


“…He (Paul Bearer) was the thread that basically sowed the undertaker and I together…”

“…He (Paul Bearer) made things a lot easier for me because he would take care of everything on the travel end…”

“…He (Paul Bearer) was certainly the most unique manager in the history of the WWE…”

“...It’s such contrast to what I’ve done for my entire wrestling career…it’s been a great breath of fresh air.”

“I would like to invent a really great social media system and sell it to Google for like a Billion dollars.”