Enzo Amore tonight at WWE Payback entered a match against Simon Gotch and Aiden English with the best of intentions. The match ended horrendously.

Now I'll begin with the fact that I am a massive WWE and wrestling fan. I noticed instantly in the opening match of the pay per view that it was beyond story-line. I understand that wrestling is "fake". WWE does indeed stand for World Wrestling Entertainment. Regardless these men night in and night out put their bodies on the line to entertain every single fan that tunes in.

Enzo Amore indeed is entertaining. Whether scripted or not his quick wit and childish humor seems to resonate well with everyone. Staged entertainment though does have a dark side as we saw tonight.

Roughly two minutes into the match against The Vaudvillains, Enzo took a move that went horribly wrong. I personally witnessed live the spot where Enzo's face smacked the second rope and I became somewhat emotional after seeing the replays of his head slamming against not just the ring apron but also the floor.

The match was stopped and paramedics came down to usher Enzo out of the arena with fans bewildered. Within moments to WWE's credit we were assured Amore was OK. Michael Cole let us know that Enzo was indeed backstage under medical attention and was responding verbally and physically. Later on in the night we had found out that he had suffered a concussion.

To anyone who bashes either the fans of WWE and wrestling, This is not all fun and games. This is not fake in all aspects. Sure are the outcomes pre-determined? Yes. May the matches be staged move for move? Yes. Is everyone in this life perfect? No!!

Hopefully all is well and we can begin seeing Enzo back on WWE TV soon!!