I saw this story about a WWII Veteran that lives in a retirement home and his 100th birthday is coming up on October 7th. In honor of his 100th year he's love to receive 100 birthday cards from strangers all over the country. He says that he got the idea because his late wife used to write him a letter every single day he was away fighting overseas.

My grandfathers served in the ARMY and NAVY during WWII and I'm going to send James a birthday card in memory of both of my grandfathers that served.

So what do you say? Can we send him a bunch of birthday cards from The Upstate? His birthday isn't until October 7th so there's plenty of time to mail them. Here's his address in the retirement home.

James South

5800 North Park Drive

Watauga, Texas  76148

Let's make his 100th Birthday something special.

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