This was the big opening weekend for the latest movie in the X-Men franchise and in my opinion they totally redeemed themselves.

As most you know from reading my previous blogs, I was very skeptical when it came to this new X-Men movie.  I wasn't a big fan of the first 3 or the Wolverine movie, so naturally I was afraid this one would also disappoint.  Not the case.  I thought it was an absolutely fantastic "comic book" movie right on par with Iron Man, Thor and The Dark Knight.

Friday night I went to go see this in a sold out theater at Colonie Center.  Right up until the title credits started to roll I was so afraid of a let down.   Right from the beginning however, I knew that this one was going to be different.  It took us right back to the beginning of how it all began.  One of the things I liked the most that they used a lot of characters from the comics long history, but they didn't really wreck any of their story lines.  I think 20th Century Fox realized that even though they had the rights to do whatever they wanted with the characters, the real fans were beginning to get disappointed when they would screw around with them.

From start to finish, X-Men: First Class is an exciting ride through an alternate history of the Cuban Missal Crisis of the 1960's.  For sure my favorite of the franchise so far and not a let down in the least.  I loved James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender plays an awesome Magneto.  They get a ton of support from Kevin Bacon who is the villain Sebastian Shaw is this new movie and also the smoking hot January Jones as Emma Frost.  We even get a short cameo's from Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn, which gave the audience quite the chuckle.

One thing I would like to add is that despite this being a movie about a super hero team, it's not for the kids.  There is some language and a ton of sexuality so maybe leave the little ones at home.  I heard some people complaining about it not being as kid friendly as they hoped, but hey, the real X-Men fans are my age an older.  The ones who grew up, rushing out to get the latest issue and reading it just as quick as they got it.  Really though and fantastic movie that has, at least for me, brought some stability to this franchise.  Highly recommended, and I bet when the numbers are in after today it will be the number one movie in the world.

*UPDATE* With all the numbers in from the weekend, X-Men does land in the first place spot but with a fairly disappointing opening. It only made $56 million, a bit less then what they were thinking. I wonder if a lot of people were like me and didn't have much faith in it after the last movies. If you do have doubts I'll clear them up by saying that this was far better than any of the other X-Men movies thus far.