We really just need to find a way to get rid of these seed sized demons. Another species has decided to call New York home.

I recall just five years ago, not thinking anything about going on a trail for a nice walk. Now it scares the daylight out of me. I hate the idea of going out, heading home and finding a tick latched onto me. This being of course due to the rise of the deadly Powassun virus that was all over the news last year.

So, if you were already afraid of being bitten by a tick, it is worth knowing a new species is in New York. The Asian Long Horned Tick. This tick varies in size and at it's smallest is barely visible. Hailing from the continent of Asia, it has hurt livestock and humans over there.

This tick has been discovered downstate, I hope it stays there for our sake or just becomes extinct. I doubt either of those will happen. At the moment, little is known about that and the potential diseases they carry.

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