Seeing as though you can barley make it through the door for a matinee for ten bucks this seems like a screaming deal.


There is a new subscription service available for movie buffs that people are calling the "Netflix for new movies."

The service almost seems too good to be true, for just a $10 monthly fee the service will allow you to see a movie at the theater every single day. All you have to do is sign up for MoviePass and download their app and you can see roughly 30 movies (depending on the month) for the price of one!

Apparently, the service has been around for a  few years but was original $30 a month and while the new $9.95 price tag is a great money saver you should be aware that the purpose of this service is to track your viewing habits in order to sell them to advertisers.

But let's be honest, isn't everything tracking our every keystroke and movement nowadays? I'm still a little skeptical because the sites say that the MoviePass works at 90% of theaters across the country however it won't let you see the actual list of available theaters in your area until you sign up. What do you think? Will you be testing the new service out?