Remember how Uber had been banned from going to the airport, not anymore.

I always thought it was odd myself that you could take a Lyft and not an Uber to be picked up or dropped off at the Albany International Airport. Well, it seems that will no longer be a thing.

The Airport has come to terms with the ride sharing giant Uber to allow them to operate on the premises of the airport. CBS reports this story and it makes complete sense. Sure, its just as easy to get a Lyft to come pick you up. But some people are very loyal to Uber.

According to the Chairman of the Albany County Airport Authority,

"The addition of Uber will provide new transportation options to and from the Airport for the nearly 3-million travelers that pass through Albany International Airport each year,"  - CBS 6

The deal will see the airport make $2 off of every ride share to or from.

More from CBS 6 here.


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