Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, concerts have been rescheduled, postponed and canceled. Most people are hoping for concerts to be back in the fall, but some people are saying that the concert season is lost for this year and we should just wait until next year for concerts.

Ticketmaster, one of the biggest ticketing companies in the industry, has changed its refund policy and it's caught a lot of people by surprise.

According to as of March 13, you could get a refund on your tickets if an event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled. That seems fair in this uncertain time. Then on March 14, Ticketmaster changed their refund policy on their website. Refunds will be given only if concerts are canceled. So, if they are postponed or rescheduled you can't get a refund on your tickets.

Stubhub also announced in a statement on,  "The company will no longer be offering unconditional refunds for canceled events and moving forward will only be providing a 12-month coupon worth 120% of the ticket’s original value."

When you look at all the ticketed events that have been canceled, from concerts, sporting events, Broadway plays to The Olympics, one estimate says that the industry could lose as much as $9 billion or more.

To find out if you can get a refund on your tickets check with Ticketmaster.

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