One tiny Tool fan was given the experience of a lifetime when he was invited onstage to experience Danny Carey’s drum solo from behind the master percussionist’s throne. It’s what happens after the youngster gets onstage that’ll leave you with a smile on your face.

Just a handful of U.S. cities were lucky enough to experience Tool live on their October mini-tour. Tool fans come in all shapes and sizes, and this little tike is being exposed to the good stuff at such a young age! To stand behind Danny Carey’s massive kit while the drumming colossus blasts through a solo is any Tool fan’s dream, and the band captured this kid’s reaction once he was given the ultra-VIP treatment.

Tool posted:

To be fair, we wouldn’t know what to do either if given this opportunity. Should you hand Danny the stick? Should you rock out behind him? Feel a little nervous before crossing your arms like the bad ass head of Carey’s personal security detail? This young man covered all the bases, so he’s got our respect!

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