Guitar god Zakk Wylde is a proud papa again. Wylde and his lovely wife Barbaranne welcomed their fourth child, son Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde, into the world last night (July 4). That’s quite the rock ‘n’ roll name, isn’t it?

Leave it to Zakk Wylde to nod to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page when naming his offspring. We’ve heard of guitarists naming their instruments, but in this case, the guitarist names his kids after bands and musicians that he reveres. That’s some serious dedication to his craft and demonstrates real passion for music.

Sabbath joins older siblings Hayley Rae, Hendrix and Jesse. Obviously, Sabbath is not the only child in the brood with a thoroughly rockin’ moniker.

Wylde’s former boss Ozzy Osbourne is Jesse’s godfather, so we are left to wonder if perhaps Zakk and Barbaranne will choose Tony Iommi or Geezer Butler as Sabbath’s godfather. It’s only fitting, right?

Barbaranne, who delivered the happy, healthy tot at just over 8 lbs., shared the family’s good news on Twitter. Her tweet about the arrival of her bundle of joy is below.

She also shared a photo of ” Little man Sabbath” which you can see below. Isn’t he adorable?

What a trooper Barbaranne is. She was already tweeting away and sharing photos hours after giving birth. Sabbath comes from some pretty sturdy stock – a guitar-playing beast for a dad and busy bee  mom who was spreading the word on social media outlets that day.


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