Still trying to figure out your summer vacation plans? Well if you are an thrill seeker you might want to add Niagara Falls to your vacation list!

Aerials of U.S.-Canada Border Along The Niagara River
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If you've never tried ziplining I definitely recommend that it's something you do at least once in your lifetime. Sure the initial launch is a bit terrifying but once your gliding down that line it is exhilarating! The adrenaline rush will make it so worth it!

If you haven't finalized your summer vacation plans yet it looks like Niagara Falls might just have some awesome new adventures to embark on this summer. Apparently construction is currently underway on what is being called the MistRider Zipline at Niagara Park and it is set to open this summer! The 35 second ride will take you from a tower 40 feet above street level to a landing pad below Horseshoe Falls at a speed of 44 mph!

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Along with the MistRider they are also building The Whirlpool Adventure Course at Thompson's Point which will offer all kinds of cool stuff like suspended obstacles and challenges that include climbing, ziplining, jumping, and swinging aerial games. says that the MistRider Zipline will launch from the Grand View Marketplace, and the Whirlpool Adventure Course will be located at Thompson's Point.

I should mention that the whole course is located on the Canadian side of the falls so you may need to procure an enhanced license or passport to get there. Tickets for the zipline will cost $49.99 to $79.99 Canadian, which is about $38 to $60 American. An exact opening date is not available as of yet but you can get all the details on their website.