Since the ‘10 Year Challenge’ has been all over social media with photos, we thought it would be fun to do with rock songs!

I mean sure, looking at photos of people 10 years ago and now is fun.  But it’s way more fun to relive some good rock moments (and maybe even make your own 2009 playlist).  So I went and dug up the Billboard year-end hot rock chart for 2009, and found some amazing tunes on the list.  So, here’s your ‘second chance’ to relive rock in 2009 (and some of my favorite songs that I found on the full list) :

  • Shinedown ‘Second Chance’
  • Linkin Park ‘New Divide’
  • Papa Roach ‘Lifeline’
  • Shinedown ‘Sound of Madness’ (yup- so good they had multiple songs on the list)
  • Green Day ‘Know Your Enemy’
  • Seether ‘Breakdown’
  • Disturbed ‘Indestructible’
  • Breaking Benjamin ‘I Will Not Bow’
  • Metallica ‘Cyanide’
  • Alice In Chains ‘Check My Brain’
  • Pearl Jam ‘The Fixer’
  • The Offspring ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’
  • Kings of Leon ‘Sex on Fire’
  • Incubus ‘Love Hurts’

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