Respect my authori-tehhh! And when you’re done convulsing from the 50,000 volts to your chest grab a sponge and get scrubbing.

According to newser a New Mexico police officer was visiting a school for career day when he asked a group of young boys to help clean his car. One of the 10 year olds jokingly said “no” so the cop pointed his Taser at the boy saying “let me show you what happens to people who don’t listen to the police." The police officer then fired 50,000 volts into the boy’s chest. My guess is after this incident, the rest of the boys began scrubbing the police cruiser furiously.

After reading this story I feel like I am ready to be a parent. If I ever end up having kids I know my first purchase will be a taser. My children might have a strange uncontrollable twitch but after I blast a few lighting storms into their chest they certainly will be the most obedient kids on the block. After all this kind of treatment worked on my dog, so why wouldn’t it work on my kids? They're just more expensive pets, right?