Some of these aren't things only New Yorkers can relate to but many are ones that infuriate us. Some are even discussed every day.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, New York is a truly beautiful state. However, there are so many negative characteristics plenty of people like to throw out there. If you are someone who does that I am sure you will love this list. Also if you agree with me and think that the state is very beautiful, I bet you will like this list as well. Here we go.

  1. No Snow Days. (I mean even when we were all in school, it never happened.)
  2. Tourists Think You're From Manhattan.
  3. When People Say The Bills Are The Only True NY Football Team.
  4. Shoveling After A Plow Has Come Through.
  5. Arguing Over Where Upstate New York Starts.
  6. Having To Avoid Millions Of Potholes.
  7. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.
  8. People Saying Their Pizza Is Better.
  9. Having To Pump Our Own Gas In The Winter. (I confess, I didn't know that wasn't a thing elsewhere.)
  10. Summertime Is Consumed With Roadwork And Delays.
  11. Not Having Wegman's (This is more for us in the Capital Region.)
  12. Hearing People Say Our Town Names Wrong
  13. Knowing You Are Gonna Yell At The Steering Wheel When You See Out Of State Plates.

Any others that should be on the list? Let us know on our Facebook post. Read the full list from Only In Your State in the button below.

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