Yeah, I know. Everyone hates New York. Thus why there is this list.

See for me New York isn't so bad. Then again, I was born and raised here. At the same time I also really do see the flaws. NYUP does too. But they went with a few oddballs many of us can agree with. Here is their list.

  1. The water tastes funky.
  2. Things are sticky.
  3. Too many small towns.
  4. New York City
  5. All four seasons are too intense.
  6. It already doesn't feel like New York sometimes.
  7. Too many bodies of water.
  8. Too many waterfalls.
  9. Too many good restaurants to choose from.
  10. Hiking isn't challenging.
  11. Too close to the North Pole.
  12. Everything is old.
  13. You feel trapped.

In all honesty, I think they were having a bit of fun at NYUP. This is clearly a list of why you should stay. No mention of taxes, high rent or numerous other things others quote for reasons to move.