It's like hailing a cab, only better!

Credit: Carsten Koall / Stringer
Credit: Carsten Koall / Stringer

We've all been there before (well those of us who are of age and occasionally indulge in an adult beverage or three). You go out for a night with friends and then realize that you may have had a bit too much fun and in doing so you drank one too many. So then you find yourself catching a cab or hitching a ride with friends home only to have to beg said friends or call another cab to go back and retrieve your vehicle. Then the whole situation becomes time consuming and a bit pricey.

Well it looks like there might be a new solution to this problem, at least if you are going to be going out in Saratoga. A former taxi driver and his wife have started a business that will get not only you but you and your car home safely!

According to WNYT, It works with a call or text and he and his wife will come pick you up at your car and for $20 they'll drive you and your car home within 7 miles of Caroline Street, then it's just $2 a mile after that.

Think about that: you could get a couple of friends together and head down to the track, grab dinner or drinks after and split the fare. That comes out to a completely reasonable price even if you're going a decent distance. I think I just came up with a summer game plan!

The new service is called Saratoga Designated Driver and you can call or text them at 518-937-1330