This is far greater than an action a police officer may take. It is controversial but also a great thing in numerous ways. Even if it is for a laugh.

Salic Kahn posted up a photo of a Houston patrol car on Facebook. I instantly laughed and said aloud "That's brilliant". Brilliant and as the Tigman said, entrapment. But is it really? You be the judge.

Now for me, I like it. I could see how many people would be angered by it. However, it is yet another reminder not to drive drunk. It reads on the back "Choose your ride". In other words, don't drive drunk, they will get you.

I also see it as a form of advertising a cab company, in other words, choose that option not the back of the squad car.

Back to Tigmans topic of entrapment. Well yeah, sort of. Coming up behind it, its a typical taxi. Then again, I have never seen a Ford Explorer equipped with the interceptor package as a taxi yet. Also to the entrapment point, follow the rules of the road and you have nothing to worry about.

What are your thoughts, would you be ticked off if local police cars were designed like the Houston ones?

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