The 63rd Annual Emmy nominations have officially been released to the public.  I have a few ideas about who should be taking home the trophies this year.

Emmy Award Statue

This year's Emmy celebration will be held Sunday, September 18th on Fox.  The award show will be filmed in Los Angeles and hosted by "Glee" diva Jane Lynch.

Personally, I lost a lot of faith in the Emmy's in last year's broadcast when "Lost" was robbed of every single award it was nominated for and should have won.  However, award shows have a hugely seductive power that can't be resisted.  The official list of nominees can be found here

Here are some of my predictions for a few of the more popular categories:



Best Comedy Series: "Modern Family" - Not since Will & Grace has a half hour comedy been so tongue-and-cheek while being purely delightful!  Sure, the format mirroring "The Office" interviews is a little tired, but the difference between this and that show is there's usually a lesson to be learned at the conclusion of each episode of MF.  If it were up to me, there'd be a Phil Dunphy in every household.

Best Drama Series: "Game of Thrones" - I am a nerd.  Plain and simple.  In addition to absolutely loving this show, and recommending it to everyone this side of the hemisphere, I'm a fan of the books.  I managed to read the first two before the first season of the HBO hit ended.  I have to say kudos to everyone involved in the series since it's one of the most book-accurate portrayals of any show I've found.  If you haven't read the books, you're seriously missing out.

Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Series: - "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart": Why they even bother to ever put anything else in this category is confusing.  Hands down, no explanation needed.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: - All the adult male actors on "Modern Family" have been nominated for this one, so I'm confident one will win.  I'd be pretty happy with any of them since they all clearly deserve it, but I am partial to Phil [re: Best Comedy Series].

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: "Game of Thrones" Tyrion Lannister.  You'd know why if you watched the show.  He's also one of the best characters in the book, if not THE best.