Wednesday of this week means only one thing! The announcement of #3 on my list of the 'Top 5 Live.'  This is a list of the top 5 concerts that I attended in the year of 2016.  And with all the live shows that I've seen, it has been a tough field to narrow down.

So far we have :

5)  Blink 182 / A Day to Remember / All Time Low

4)  Underoath live at the So What Music Festival


.... Shinedown!!...

I recently wrote a whole review of this show, so I don't want to delve into a lot of the nitty gritty details.  For those that are interested, definitely check out my post from the 12/9/16 concert under the "Rock Girl Tatiana" section of our site to read all about the concert in detail, and check out extra photos (including some of Five Finger Death Punch). To me, what put this in my top 5 of the year wasn't just Shinedown's clear stage experience as a rock band, and it wasn't just the amazing and energetic rock crowd down in Tampa, FL.  Sure, a band can sound good on a stage, and a crowd can be into it.  That doesn't necessarily make it a top show.  It was the overall experience- the way the band touched on heavy rock, then touched on emotions of hope. The ridiculously beautiful vocals mixed with grit and rawness.  The way that the audience got called out by Brent Smith for being on cell phones, as he got every single person engaged in the show.  The way that Brent sprinted around the audience over and over  and over again.  The way the pyrotechnics lit up the stage.  The concert was truly the definition of an 'experience' and not just a 'performance.'  They did not disappoint, and by far surpassed my expectation, so for that, Shinedown is #3 on my list.

Stay tuned to throughout the rest of the week for my Top 2!! And check out a few pics below:

Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana