Oh, and did we mention that one of them is right here in the Capital Region?!?!

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When it comes to lists like this calling out the '10 Best Bars in New York' I generally don't anticipate seeing much of anything from Upstate New York on the list let alone in the Capital Region. I mean, based on the sheer number of bars in New York City alone Upstate New York tends to get over looked.

So I was surprised when I looked at this list and found not just one Upstate New York bar on the list but 3 and one of them is basically right here in the Capital Region!

Now, I have yet to personally check out this spot but it is now on my list. It's a bar called Liquids and Solids in Lake Placid and comes in at #6 on the list with the article saying:

This Adirondack watering hole has everything you need to end a day of hiking or skiing. The bar has an extensive beer and cocktail list, a farm-to-table menu, and rustic accents like a wood-burning stove.

The two other Upstate Bars to make the list are Buffalo New York with the Allen Street Hardware Cafe at #3 and Syracuse's Al's Wine and Whiskey Lounge at #9 (which I can personally attest is top notch).

While I'm glad that Upstate New York is getting a little love on this list I know there are some absolutely stellar bars right here in the Capital Region. What are some of your favorite spots and why should we check 'em out?

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