The 'Sunset Sit-down' took place over the weekend in Saratoga, NY. Protestors sat on the steps of City Hall to spread their message that "Sitting is not a crime."

The law was passed to prevent vagrants and the homeless from sitting on the sidewalks of Saratoga because vagrants and the homeless are a public safety hazard, especially the vagrant homeless.

This law will make the sidewalks of Saratoga safe for people who are too busy looking at important things on their phones as they walk the sidewalks of Saratoga, but the protestors think that the law is "silly" and "ludicrous."

What the protestors are not taking into account, is the safety of "Silly Walkers" and "Ludicrous Speed Walkers."

Police Chief Veitch is taking the new law as serious as I am and I think it is because we both have cool last names.

In Conclusion: I am happy about this new law because Saratoga will now be on those "10 Silly Laws that actually exist" lists and I will be able to say "I've been there!"

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