The world can now feel my pain, the world can now feel my wife’s pain as well but if you side with her then you’re either a Millennial or a Millennial sympathizer. It does no matter, all that matters is that you listen, subscribe, rate and review The Generation X Files.

On this episode of The Generation X Files, I introduce my Millennial wife Maria to Tatiana and the world, and it’s a none-stop Q&A thrill ride for your amusement because there is nothing funnier than finding humor in the misery of others. Misery does not always have to be a negative thing because it can be funny and if it’s harmless and others are amused by your silly, harmless little misery then it is a good thing!

Or I am just using the word “Misery” to make this episode more then what it really is?

There is only one way to find out!

If you listen to this episode and would like to dispute my credibility as a Generation Xer then you must listen to the episode "What is Generation X?"

Coming Soon:

Say What? (The Slang Episode)

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