On this episode of The Generation X Files Tatiana and I sit down with Levack from 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio to talk about sports through the generations. We also talk about our own personal experiences in sports.

For the record I did not invite Levack to be our guest for this episode just to call him a jerk, but I did call him a jerk. In my defense I called him a ‘funny jerk’ not a big jerk or a stupid jerk, or a big stupid jerk. Being called a ‘funny jerk’ is a compliment, or it’s open for interpretation, however my intentions were more of the complimentary kind. I would like for someone to call me a ‘funny jerk’ instead of ‘who are you again?’

Besides the ‘funny jerk’ incident this is a great episode of The Generation X Files, you can listen to Tatiana talk about her ski racing days and Levack and I argue like an old married couple about Odell Beckham Jr. and his massive ego.

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The episode where we talk about things.

Another episode where we talk about things.

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