My family and I love escape rooms. I think right now our record is something like 36 escapes and 2 losses. So when we moved to Albany and we were hanging out at Crossgates Mall we saw 5 Wits and thought, "That's cool....another escape room."

Last night we had the opportunity to experience the Deep Space adventure. It was my wife, son, daughter and me against a sinister computer that wants to take over the spaceship and rid it of the human presence. We had to teleport into the damages ship, repair it, fly it, avoid asteroids and defeat an evil computer.

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I was really impressed by the level of detail, animation, story telling and immersive environment that 5 Wits has put together for this adventure. Also, 5 Wits isn't exactly an escape room either. You are timed, but there isn't a time limit and you're trying to get a high score for the adventure. Not to brag, but ours was a 91.....mostly because of me I'm sure.

There are three total adventures Deep Space, Tomb and Drago's Castle. We bought tokens for the Tomb and Drago's Castle and can't wait to experience them too. Also, since it's not an escape room that is always the same each time, you can play each adventure over and over again.

If you want to check it out go to their website www.