Well, good thing there's a few other lakes to swim and fish in around these parts this summer.

Father and son fishing in lake

If you were planning on going for a swim in or catching dinner from Saratoga Lake at some point here in the near future you might want to think twice.

Reports from the Department of Environmental Conservation state that yesterday (Monday 7/4/16) a check valve broke causing raw, wastewater, sewage to spill along Route 9P and right on into a pretty well known fishing spot on Saratoga Lake.

Sounds like conditions could be pretty crappy (pun intended) for a bit on the lake. Although WYNT is reporting that:

A truck was used to pick up the spill from the valve box and the road and a bypass pump will be installed, and lime will be spread near the affected areas.

Still, if it were me, I think I would be checking out some alternate swimming and fishing options for the time being. Yuck.