At this point, the Hudson River just seems to be unable to catch a single break as more sewage drains into it again.

You may recall back in July it was reported that some four million gallons of raw untreated sewage had dumped into the Hudson River. Well, again a good amount is in the river. This time it is quite a bit different. In a span of the last few months over 400,000 have polluted the river from three homes in Watervliet. The worst part is, these homes are actually not even connected to the sewer system.

So instead of going into the sewer on down to the treatment plant, the waste the home produces is bound straight for the river. The other notable thing about this is that the homeowners have to pay to resolve the issue of not being connected to the system. This could cost somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000 per home. More on the story at the link below from WNYT.