Think about the last time you were truly taken aback by a dish at a certain restaurant. Maybe one of these dishes caused that reaction.

For me, the last time I was taken aback was when I went to the Barnsider in Colonie. When I took a bite of the swordfish my mind was blown. Today, let's focus more on some restaurants in the Electric City of Schenectady and a few of the dishes that they specialize in. For fun, count how many of these dishes you have had.

  • Eggs In Purgatory - More Perrecas
  • Eggplant Parm - Canali's
  • Homemade Pasta - Canali's
  • Corned Beef and Pastrami Sandwiches - Gershon's
  • Italian Nachos - Johnny's
  • Smoked Gnocchi - Malcolm's
  • Octopus - Malcolm's
  • Tagines - Tara Kitchen
  • Arancini - Aperitivo Bistro

I haven't had any of these extremely delightful sounding and looking dishes. See the link below from the Times Union to see the photos of the food.

Looks like I need to go out in Schenectady a little more often for some grub.