On this grim day, a day we will never forget, there are reminders all around us of hope. One reminder is now complete in Troy.

I actually myself used to work for the City of Troy. I was a laborer for Parks and Recreation. The park that is now the 9/11 Memorial Park was one of the ones I had to frequent. I do recall there being talk of making it into a memorial park but while I was working there nothing had really ever surfaced.

Being born and raised in Lansingburgh and being so you and impressionable when the towers fell on this tragic day 15 years ago its great to see the memorial finally complete. It is breathtaking.

If you wish to view the memorial, It is on the corner of 1st Avenue and 112th Street in Troy. Looking over the Hudson next to the 112th Street Bridge.

Take a moment today to remember where you were and how you reacted. Take a moment to be thankful for this country. The country who came together as one and overcame. Be thankful to all of our troops and think of everyone who sadly lost their lives on 9/11.