At the very least you have got to admire this kids drive.

So apparently Vermont is one of only two states (Kansas being the other) in the country that doesn't have an age requirement for those who could run for Governor of the state. Well, one (barley) teenager has decided to take advantage of this "loophole" of sorts and is currently campaigning to become Governor of Vermont even though he is still years away from being able to vote for anyone, let alone himself.

His name is Ethan Sonneborn and he recently told the Burlington Free Press that he is running to win the election however he " would very happily settle for sending a message about young people in politics." While I'm not sure that Ethan is quite ready to hold such a high office ...yet ... I have no doubt that he will get there one day.  The young man seems to be on top of some pretty hot topics in the country right now and the fact that at 13 he has any kind of interest in politics is enough to impress me. It took me until well after I was of voting age to try to keep up with it and I'm pretty sure I know maybe 1/4 of whats going on. Ha! I'm kinda of super curious to see how this one is going to play out.

If you want to learn more about Ethan's politics check out THIS great article and interview with the boy himself and you can follow his campaign on Facebook by clicking HERE.