What you're about to read is a brief history of the spork, according to our digital managing editor.

Chances are, you've used a spork in your life. Turns out you can also call it a foon, but I wouldn't.

I'm not sure how this started, but our digital managing editor revealed to us today that she invented the spork in third grade. In order to prove it, she drew a picture and made a mock up for us.

Credit: Tom Bee
Credit: Tom Bee

Sure the handle is a little long, but I still think the point gets across that using this would just end up with you stabbing yourself in the face.

Now this part is more for her benefit than anyone else's:

According to Wikipedia (a source I trust without question) the spork was patented in 1847, which means our digital managing editor is just over 141 years old. Here's to your health.

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