Donald Trump may have competition for the most entertaining presidential candidate, because Louie has launched his campaign and Dan America volunteers his service as campaign manager. 

And that is how Jake & Louie's visit to the Townsquare Media building ended, with Louie running for president, who would of thought?

And to think it all started with Jake & Louie meeting Richie from WGNA.

Jake & Louie just wanted a tour, but Dan America wanted to get Louie a job.

When that did not work out, Dan America was confused, so he went to Flounder for some advice, but no real advice was given.

This is what happened instead.

What does any of this have to do with America & Q103?

Only in America, can Jake, Louie and Dan America come together and wander around a place of business, to harass the staff and management for your entertainment.

If that's not rock n roll, then what is?

Because it's definitely not Country, or Hip Hop, only a station that rocks, only Albany's rock station can bring you this kind of freedom.

That is what this has to do with America & Q103.


And a stronger national defense...


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