Today is a great day for celebrity birthdays, and if your birthday is today, then other people should be jealous.



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    Ricky Horror

    Ricky Horror, guitarist of Motionless In White, turns 27.

    I am pretty sure that Ricky gave me a dirty look this summer, while I was looking for a parking spot at SPAC, before the Slipknot concert.

    I know that this is not Ricky Horror and that it is Chris Cerulli of Motionless In White, but my safe image site did not have a picture of Ricky.

    I could of found something on YouTube, but I thought that this would be funnier.

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    Joe Trohman

    Joe Trohman, of Fall Out Boy turns 31, I don't know if it is 'of' or 'from' Fall Out Boy.

    I just wrote that, because I don't listen to Fall Out Boy and I wanted to have something to write.

    If you like Fall Out Boy, then good for you.

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    Dr. Phil

    I did not know that there was more then one famous Dr. Phil.

    Now I do.

    He turns 65 today.

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    Gloria Estefan

    Singer Gloria Estefan turns 58, remember Gloria Estefan?

    Not bad for 58.

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    Rocky Marciano

    Today is Rocky Marciano's birthday, who used to be my favorite boxer, until boxing fans made fun of me.

    I still like Rocky Marciano, his record was 49 - 0, and now Floyd Mayweather is approaching that record.

    It's a good thing that Floyd can not read, so that if he breaks Rocky's record, he can't read about it in the record book.

    However, I have never seen the 'Record Book' myself.

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    Barry Gibb

    Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees turns 69 today!!

    He is Stayin Alive!!!!

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    Bam Bam Bigelow

    Today is the beast from the east's birthday!!!

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    Conway Twitty

    And now the birthday you have all been waiting for.

    Ladies & Gentlemen...

    Mr. Conway Twitty.