July 4th marked the Foo Fighters' 20th anniversary and David Grohl could not miss it, even with his broken leg, so he performed while sitting on the Foo Throne. 


Grohl went on record to explain that he designed his throne while under the influence of Oxycontin. That David Grohl just never takes any time off, does he?

He went against Doctors orders and now we have learned that he is working even when he is on a drug that is supposed to make you relax. It's a good thing that operating a pen is not like operating heavy machinery.

David Grohl's dedication to his music has earned him the reputation of being some sort of 'super human' and I disagree, because falling off of a stage is not a super power and neither is taking Oxycontin and drawing a picture.

I do enjoy his music though, and I am only making fun of him because I am jealous.

I want a throne.

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