On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played a clip about a man in San Diego, CA who is suing MillerCoors over Blue Moon being advertised as a craft beer, then they spent an hour talking about lawsuits.


After they played the clip on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they took calls from people who thought they had a lawsuit, who felt they needed legal advice from The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. 

I have a few possible lawsuits myself.

Lawsuit 1

Dan America vs The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show.

I have been operating the boards for almost a year for this show and I have yet to receive any free beer or hot wings. Instead, Eric Zane keeps providing me with free insults regarding my taste in music, comic books and professional wrestling.

Lawsuit 2

Dan America vs Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer responded to cyber bullies who called her fat by sending them half naked pictures of herself, she then showed David Letterman her vagina after he dared her to do something she would regret.

I have been tweeting Amy Schumer, calling her fat and telling her to do something she will regret about it.

She has yet to respond.

Lawsuit 3

Dan America vs Warner Bros. Entertainment

I have been suffering from emotional distress ever since they announced that Ben Affleck will play Batman, and my emotional distress keeps getting worse every time they make an announcement regarding their movies based on characters from DC Comics.

Lawsuit 4

Dan America vs WWE

On 01/04/2012 Bob the 86er and I debuted the Real American Wrestling Critics.

2013, The WWE debuts The Real Americans.


Dan America debuts 'Good News, Bad News.' Youtube Comedy Sketch.


WWE Debuts 'Bad News' Barrett.

Lawsuit 5

Dan America vs Walmart

Recently, I visited a local Walmart to purchase Yoga pants. I asked a Walmart employee where to find Yoga Pants and was informed that "Yoga pants are for girls."

After a frantic search in the woman's clothing section I overheard the employees contacting security. I then asked another Walmart employee about Yoga pants and was told that they did not have any.

Now I have to borrow a friends Yoga pants, who has informed me that "I better wash them thoroughly."

I believe that Walmart has mislead people to believe that I am dirty.

Lawsuit 6

Dan America vs Birds

Because they poop on me.

Lawsuit 7

Dan America vs Kevin Smith

Ever since I found out that Kevin Smith is going to making a Mallrats 2 I have been tweeting at him, 5 days a week, asking "Can I be in Mallrats 2 yet?"

He has not said yes, he has not said no and he has not blocked me yet.

If I don't get to be in Mallrats 2 I will feel that I have been mislead.

Can I be in Mallrats 2 yet?

Lawsuit 8

Dan America vs Dan Bruce

Identity theft.

Lawsuit 9

Dan America vs Nick Jr.

My 3 year old son loves the show Blaze and the Monster Machines and will sing the shows theme song often, and repeat the main characters catch phrase "Lets Blaze."

Now people are going to think my 3 year old son is a pot head.

Lawsuit 10

Dan America vs Full House

The house was not completely full until Becky and Jesse moved into the attic.

Lawsuit 11

Dan America vs Peter Pan

I thought happy thoughts and sprinkled pixie dust that I found from a stick on myself and could not fly.

Lawsuit 12

Dan America vs The Dallas Cowboys

For buying their playoff victory over the Detroit Lions.