A popular topic across the entire country is medical marijuana. Now the state will be home to a new cultivation facility to be located in Glenville.

Currently there is a cultivation facility somewhat nearby in Fulton County, but one moves closer as a company out of New York City, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals will begin work immediately on a new facility within the area of the Capital Region. Production of the marijuana will be within a building inside of the Glenville Business and Technology Park.

The corporation will also be opening dispensaries in multiple counties within the state. With three current dispensaries in Albany, this just enhances the Capital Region in many positive ways when it comes to medical marijuana. Fiorello Pharmaceuticals plans to begin work right away on the 120,000 square foot area that will begin with 20 employees.

This is nothing but a positive for not just the Capital Region but New York in its entirety as the field and laws in favor of medical marijuana grows.


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