Alright, maybe the restaurant that is listed may shock you. If you have been it certainly will be no shock especially due to the vibe of it.

One thing we have a fair amount of in the area are great hot dog spots. On top of that everyone has their favorite. This one is mine. Now its not Hot Dog Charlies, nor Gus's. Famous Lunch in Troy according to Only In Your State is a restaurant that defines New York. Beyond that it has made some lists in the past of one of the best places to get a hot dog not just in the area but the country.

I personally understand the reasoning here. Think about it. The building, the signage the interior and equipment. It all screams the bustling 1920's. It screams of a better time in the countries history. I has a nostalgic feel which to me makes it so awesome. Would you tend to agree that Famous Lunch is a eatery that defines New York? If not, name one in the Capital Region that does.