On Friday, Albany's rock station Q103 could not contain the power of love. It did not take money, it did not take fame, a credit card was not needed to ride this train, it was strong and sudden, and cruel sometimes, but it just might have saved lives.

Stupid Qpid emerged from the depths of the Q103 studio at 8:30 a.m. Qpid crashed the WGNA "Lips4Luke" contest, a contest where three couples had to lock lips for four hours in order to win a prize. Stupid Qpid did not know what the prize was, but he could feel the love coming from the WGNA studio, Qpid entered the studio and proceeded to show the kissing couples how to kiss, using his hand as his partner, he then showed them how to rock the cradle of love before running off to spread his love all over the Capital Region.

Stupid Qpid was seen later at a retirement community, delivering a valentine to a woman named Brittney. The senior citizens were dazzled by his wings, but no one offered Qpid a free coffee.

Stupid Qpid was then seen at a bank on Wolf Road delivering a valentine to one lucky lady, and reminded her coworkers to put their love to the test.

Then tragedy struck, when the Rock Girl's GPS went crazy, leading the Stupid Qpid Brigade toward their destination, then past it, then around it, turning what should have been a 10-minute drive, into a 30-minute journey down Albany Shaker Road that made absolutely no sense.

Stupid Qpid arrived on Central Avenue in Albany and spread his love to the locals and he was not cold wearing nothing but his white skirt in subzero temperatures, because the power of love kept Qpid warm. Qpid delivered a valentine to a woman named Shelby, took a selfie, and signed a table.

Then a member of the Stupid Qpid Brigade lost the keys to their car.

A long story that took an hour waiting in a car on Central Ave in Albany short, the member of the Stupid Qpid Brigade did not lose their keys, but they did lose about $200 because they did not thoroughly check their pockets.

The Rock Girl's GPS then struck again, making the Stupid Qpid Brigade take the longest way possible to their next destination, a bank where Stupid Qpid made a deposit of love to Shannon.

Stupid Qpid's love has been spread all over the Capital Region, and thanks to the Rock Girl's GPS, and one absent-minded person from New Jersey, it took a really long time, but that's OK, because Stupid Qpid can keep it up all night long.