Is this place real? I feel so cheated having never been a visitor when it was open. Action Park in New Jersey appears to be the coolest most insane water park I have ever seen. The idea that there was a amusement park that was so reckless that children would get hurt everyday intrigues me. I love the idea of danger in a water ride, you can really weed out the weak kids throughout the day. By 6 pm you’ll be smooth sailing through all the ride’s lines  because only the strong will have survived.

“The rides at Action Park were lawless…”

Life was so pure and simple in 1996, “the man” wasn't try to hold everybody down with these so called “safety regulations”.  Sure kids are walking out of theme parks with less compounded fractures, but what about the lack of life experience? Falling 20 feet to the ground because you took a turn on water slide too fast builds character! I know it's important to keep out children safe, but do i really need a 16 year old kid blowing a whistle at me every time i dunk my 28 year old friend in the wave pool? I need a park that will let me be the wild animal I am.

PS: How sweet do these rides look?


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