It's certainly been an interesting 24 hours for Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer. The rocker alerted fans that he would not be joining the band on their upcoming fall dates in a message via his social networks, only to have the band claim in a post not long after that the announcement came as a surprise. Moyer says this was definitely not the case.

In a new posting, Moyer attempts to clear up the confusion and reveals that the band's management had known of his upcoming absence for some time and that he was even told that a press release was not needed to make the announcement and given the go ahead to offer the message on his social networks.

Moyer attempts to deconstruct the confusion in the posting, which can be read below:

Hey guys, I feel like I need to clear something up. Adrenaline Mob has known for weeks that I would not be going with them on this run. I asked them to issue a press release saying so but Amob management said "no need". If I wanted to post it on my page that was fine. That conversation happened over a week ago. Once again...I was told by Amob management to post that I was not going out. I'm very confused by the "shock" of my post. I don't think that management and band were on the same page about my post. Perhaps that was the "shock" they referred to. Unfortunately it also reads as if they didn't know for sure if I was going out. This is definitely NOT the case. Once again, everyone has known for weeks that I was not going out. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they've already found my fill in and have had some rehearsals with him. My post was for my fans who were assuming I was going to be out with Amob. Out of respect for my fans I asked Amob to please let people know my status. And as I said before Amob management not only cleared me making that post but suggested I do it in lieu of a press release. I would NEVER tell a band that I wasn't going to go out via Twitter. People that know me know that I pride myself on my professionalism even in less than perfect situations. I love the band and the guys and it is unfortunate that this turned into such a "shit show" as they say. As far as moving forward with the band I was hoping to leave the door open for future tours but that may not be possible now. Thanks for letting me clear that up. Peace!

So there you have it -- Moyer's version of the events as they occurred. It is still not known if Moyer's absence from Adrenaline Mob means anything regarding his longtime band Disturbed. Moyer joined Adrenaline Mob when Disturbed announced a hiatus so that the band members could pursue other opportunities.

Meanwhile, Adrenaline Mob have yet to reveal Moyer's replacement, but they have announced a new batch of tour dates. The group will play shows with Bad Seed Rising beginning Sept. 6 in Pottsville, Pa. Dates can be found below.

Adrenaline Mob / Bad Seed Rising September 2014 Tour

9/6 -- Pottsville, Pa. -- Goodfellas
9/7 -- Pittsburgh, Pa. -- Altar Bar
9/8 -- Cleveland, Ohio -- Agora Theatre
9/9 -- Newport, Ky. -- Thompson House
9/10 -- Nashville, Tenn. -- Exit In
9/12 -- Rochester, N.Y. -- Montage Music Hall
9/13 -- Poughkeepsie, N.Y. -- The Chance
9/14 -- Baltimore, Md. -- Fishhead Cantina
9/15 -- Virginia Beach, Va. -- Shaka's

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