One of The Most Notorious New York Jails To Close
One of the most notorious jail complexes in New York is going to be closing.
In a vote that passed 36-13, one of New York's most infamous places will be shutting down by 2026.  As reported by the Times Union, Rikers Island Jail Complex will be shut down and replaced by four smalle…
Disney to Pay $1000 For You To Watch Disney
Talk about an easy way to make an extra $1000 - if you like Disney, that is.
Disney+ wants to hire people to watch Disney movies.  Yup.  For the Disney fans, this could be a dream come true.  I mean, for those stone-faced Wednesday Addams out there, this could be torture (not knocking,…
Millions May be Invested in Local Hemp Processing Plant
There are plans to invest millions into a hemp processing plant, and it would happen not far from the Capital Region.
According to News Channel 13, Sheldon Roberts who is a graduate of UAlbany, is responsible for the plans.  He is hoping to open a hemp processing plant, according to the rep…
Mick Foley Crashes Nursing Home Before Coming to Capital District
Talk about an unusual pit-stop on the way to the Capital Region.
Mick Foley made an appearance at Heroes Hideout at Colonie Center yesterday for a meet and greet event.  But not before stopping at a nursing home in New York.  At first it seems like an odd place for a WWE Hall-of-Famer …
Catch Metallica Tonight in Albany on the Big Screen
Attention attention! Wednesday just got a whole lot more awesome, because tonight you can catch Metallica perform -on the big screen- right here in the Capital Region.
Metallica: S&M2 is coming to select theaters here in the Capital Region.  ...

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