I know from working for the City of Troy for a couple of years, these pools are a bear to maintain.

In the two years I indeed worked for the city, we had to do so much to both the South Troy and Knickerbocker Pools. I worked for the Department of Recreation, the department that oversees the operation of both pools.

My first job was actually at these pools. So I love seeing this. But it doesn't look to be all peaches and cream to actually fix these pools. Mayor Patrick Madden says that they both need a bit of work.

He also says according to CBS 6, that he is hopeful to see the South Troy pool open in time for summer 2019. The Knick is another story, that pool needs to be completely replaced. It leaked like crazy when I worked there, We would have to refill it every single day with a fire hydrant.

$5 million has been set aside in 2019 for the repairs. You can read more at CBS6, here.

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