So your pups can stay cool while you grab a bite to eat on your road trip!

DogSpot (formerly known ad Dog Parker) supplies air conditioned climate controlled dog houses around your city so that you can take your pup with you more places. The company started in Brooklyn where you do so much walking naturally you would want to be able to take mans best friend with you. However, it makes it hard to run your errands when you pup can't go in the store with you. So what do you do? Tie them up out front or leave them at home right?

Insert DogSpot a climate controlled dog house that you can control with an app and can rent for as little as 30 cents a minute. So your pup has a place to hang while you do what you gotta do. They even have a doggy cam inside so that you can watch your pup on the app and make sure they're OK.

Well this interesting new DogSpots have now moved out of the city and several rest stops along the New York State Thruway are now outfitted with them so that when you need a bit of break while your road tripping to use the facilities or grab a bite to eat you do not have to leave your pup in a hot car!

What do you think would you let your pup stay in a DogSpot? You can learn more about the sots by clicking here or watching the video below!